The Complete Guide To Moving House [Infographic]

The Complete Guide To Moving House [Infographic]

There’s so much stuff you have to do before and after you move to a new place. This exhaustive checklist from Barratt Homes will help to make the transition easier.

Here’s one tip that many people moving homes forget about: Take photos of the water, electricity, and gas meters at your old home before you move and your new home when you move in. Then compare the readings to your bills to make sure you’re not being charged for another resident’s utility usage.

This is just one of the tips offered by Barratt Homes’ below infographic. For peace of mind, print it off and stick it on your fridge a few months before moving day!

Your Hassle-Free Moving Guide [Barratt Homes]


  • “Unpack the kettle first” – How adorably British!

    “Make sure you have beer and ice in that esky, because if you don’t supply beers this time, you’re not getting help from your mates next time” Is probably better advice.

  • Pack the Open First box and mark it very clearly. This box should be easy to see and easy to get from the truck. This will be the stuff you will absolutely need for your first night no matter how far you get unpacking everything else. Enough towels and bedding for everyone, kid’s favourite teddy bear, garbage bags and paper plates if you won’t make it to the shops, etc. Basically anything you can’t fit into your overnight bag(s), but will need for the first 24 hours in the new place. If everything else turns to custard, at least you can sleep and shower, and figure everything else out in the morning.

  • Moving – it’s not an overnight thing. There is planning involved. This infographic is helpful even if it is meant on a larger scale. But even if you have only a room to move, it is good not only for your removalists but for you (and your wallet, of course!) to plan ahead. This is worth sharing!

  • I have always had strong belief in checklists regardless of what activity that I am going to perform. I think it serves as a good support system that you can fall back on in order not to overlook any item on the list. Moving out is a major phase everyone would have to go through eventually at least once in their life. Without an extensive checklist such as this, things could go haywire halfway through the process and cause delays or even incur additional costs.

  • I used a checklist for when I had to move the family to our new place (due to work..) and I am a strong believer in them. As we packed, more and more ‘things to remember’ popped up so we just kept adding to the checklist – it was certainly a growing list! A local Canberra removalist ( ) we used provided us with a template checklist, so be sure to ask your removalist if they have one. Or I guess you could use the above infographic as a template and staple a few extra pages to it as the list will grow – trust me.

  • Oh and don’t forget to check on insurance (transit insurance) – as just because the removalist has insurance, your belongings may not be covered!!

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