Telstra’s T-Box Successor Will Bundle Netflix, Presto And Stan In One Place

Telstra’s T-Box Successor Will Bundle Netflix, Presto And Stan In One Place

Out with the T-Box, in with a Netflix/Presto/Stan streaming solution courtesy of Roku.

The rumours have been swirling for some time that Telstra’s T-Box was living on borrowed time, despite the company recently giving all T-Box customers six months of free Presto access to T-Box customers. The suggestion was that the T-Box would be replaced with a smaller, cheaper alternative.

The Australian reports that Telstra’s dumping its T-Box streaming device in order to replace it with a device produced by Roku that will offer access to Netflix, Presto and Stan. Technically that’ll make it the first one-stop shop for all three services, although it’s feasible to stream all three through a Chromecast already from a secondary device.

Telstra will launch a Telstra TV service in September, axing the T-Box along the way. Although if you do own a T-Box, you’re not going to be left with an entirely worthless lump of silicon and plastic in front of your TV. The Australian quotes Telstra’s head of Media and Marketing, Joe Pollard as stating that:

“We will not sell any more T-boxes once this device launches but we’ll continue to support it with content because the people who have the T-box love it.”

The new device will, according to leaked details, sell for $109 outright or as part of a Telstra broadband bundle.

Telstra to tackle Apple with launch of streaming platform [The Australian]


    • Good point. You would think with all the streaming service they want to offer with the Telstra TV idea they would make it all unmetered.

    • it chews through about 150GB of my monthly data with Bigpond and about 1Mb of my bandwidth when my kids stream a HD show.

      • We have 4 people in the house using it regularly, we go through around 200gb – 250 depending on the frequency of use. We were on a 500gb plan so when we got upped to 1tb it was fantastic for us. However there’s others, like my Uncle who’s over 65, who’s on around 100gb a month, if that, who would benefit from this… so not so much for me, but moreso from the cost prohibited lot.

    • No. Telstra will use your broadband for streaming. So watch your quota with the new box!

  • Telstra have been updating all of their fixed broadband user’s limits over the past few months, so while it’s not unlimited it does help. I signed up to a 200gb cable plan in March this year as that was the only reliable broadband available in my area, and the highest quota I could afford, but straight after they announced they were upping all their customer’s limits and mine just changed over to 500gb for the same price.

    I got a tbox about a month after because it was reduced to $115 or something like that, and was a handy PVR – but I managed to get 6 months of free presto with it as well which isn’t bad (the app absolutely sucks though). I imagine they’ll do something similar with this new box

    • I’m saying this obviously with some bias as I own one – I picked it up cheap earlier this year, knowing reviews were pretty crappy. As per my above comment, it was mainly for the PVR feature, but it’s hardwired to my modem and it’s actually not a bad device for the $144 (found out that’s what I paid) price tag. We used to rent movies from apple tv, but the same library is available on bigpond movies and isn’t metered. They are standard definition, but for most movies we’re both happy with that quality. Plus every Thursday you get a choice from a few free movies to watch.

      As mentioned, the PVR feature is what I got it for. All my fishing shows are always on at times I’m never at home, or too busy with our baby to watch them so a series recorder paid for itself pretty quickly!

      Edit: Telstra, give me some free stuff now!

  • Ugh wonder if they will unlock their T-Boxes with this move.. doubtful. After I moved I had to change ISPs and was disappointed to find the EPG/time recording and 7Plus/SBS on demand no longer worked, nor did the USB/streaming access! Also Presto was locked as I wasn’t using bigpond – despite having a presto account. (There’s a workaround for the USB/Streaming at least). My Tboxes are now in the garage while I’m using a fetch box.. might gut the one with a 320GB WD drive in it and DIY up an xbox hard drive.

  • BYO Roku would be better, then add fetch tv compatability, even though i dont use it, it would be nice to have a box that can access all of the above.

  • Wholly accept that there will be people who go and buy this solution for full streaming but the smarter move would be to buy something like the Asus Pen Stick which will also be released around about the September timeframe. Small, 32GB onboard eMMC storage, 2GB RAM, Intel Atom X5 processor, HDMI output, Windows 10. Plug it into your TV and it has the power to be a HTPC solution. Team it with a wireless keyboard/mousepad solution and your loungeroom PC for browsing NetFlix, Stan, Presto, YouTube, Facebook, Flikr, 500px, Google Photos becomes so much more than units which require specific apps installed.

  • Great article. For those who live outside US like me, you can access Netflix, Hulu and similar media stations on your Roku by using UnoTelly or similar tools.

  • I want my T box back! I’ve just replaced my t box with this new Roku gizmo. What a big disappointment! I’m not into streaming very much but loved the toxic for its ability to watch normal tv and record programs through it. This new device is just streaming. ?
    I’m going to try to reconnect my old t box.

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