Start10 Brings The Classic Start Menu Back To Windows 10

Start10 Brings The Classic Start Menu Back To Windows 10

Windows 10: While Microsoft brought back the Start menu in Windows 8.1 and now in Windows 10, it’s still not quite what it used to be. If you’re not enjoying the new look, bring back the Windows 7-style Start menu with Start10.

Start10 is still in beta, but I’ve tested it on the release version of Windows 10 and it works just fine. So if you don’t like the new live tiles on Windows 10’s Start menu and want something that functions more like the Start menu from Windows 7, Start10 may be just the ticket. It even features a skinnable Start button. There’s a 30-day free trial for you to check it out. The purchase price is $US4.99 (or $US3.99 if you’re upgrading from Start8). And don’t forget, we’ve covered other Start menu replacements in the past and it looks like most of them are working just fine with Windows 10. So take the time to choose what’s right for you.

Start10 for Windows 10 ($US4.99) [Stardock]


  • startisback has done this for windows 8 for years and will probably support windows 10 soon.

    Much cheaper too.

  • No. Stop. Stupid people. No. Far out people who are reluctant to change are literally what is killing this planet (windows, global warming, NBN, scientific research)

  • some people may just prefer the style of the regular start menu there’s nothing wrong with that. If you dont like / enjoy something why force yourself to do it?

  • I completely understood these sorts of programs for windows 8 as the start screen was annoying for non touch devices, but windows 10 start menu is so similar to the old one i really dont see why anyone would need to change it. its customisable as well.

  • The new start menu is much better I think but that’s just me. This is a good thing for older people who don’t want to use anything else but Windows XP

  • I tried out classic shell and that is a free download and similar to start10.
    It does show on screen lots of ways to get to specific controls and areas but the difficulty I found is that when trying to get to a specific adjustment or indicator it was much harder than using the windows 10 inbuilt tiles or start menu.

  • Classic Shell, all the way. It’s free, it’s simple, it works. (Well, to be fair, I haven’t got it configured for Win10 just yet)

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