Quickly Approve Apps For Your Mac's Gatekeeper From The Command Line

Quickly Approve Apps for Your Mac's Gatekeeper from the Command Line

Newer versions of OS X have a Gatekeeper feature that prevents apps from unidentified developers from installing without your OK. Typically, to approve apps you want to install, you have to go into System Preferences, but OS X Daily shows off a slightly quicker route through the Command Line.

To approve an app for Gatekeeper, you just need to open up Terminal (Applications > Terminal) and type in this command, substituting in the path and application name for your info:

spctl —add /Path/To/Application.app

To reverse that, just swap out —add and put in —remove. The process is a bit quicker than hopping into System Preferences once you get used to it.

How to Add Gatekeeper Exceptions from Command Line in Mac OS X [OS X Daily]


    There's an even easier method. After dismissing the error telling you the app is not from a verified developer, right-click on the app and choose open. You'll get the same error, but this time it'll have an option to proceed anyway.

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