Qantas Is Increasing The Check In Buffer Time

Qantas Is Increasing The Check In Buffer Time

From the 5th of August, travellers will need to to check into flights at least 30 minutes prior to departure.

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Now that you can check in ahead of time and pick your seats via SMS, website, Qantas app, and kiosk, the major airline is seeing fit to raise the amount of time you’ll have to arrive before a flight from 20 minutes to 30.

Though, checking in is not really checking in anymore. It’s more of a “Yep, I still want to fly!” But if you don’t do it before 30 minutes prior to departure, or you won’t be able to fly. From that point on, your eligibility to catch a different flight will be up to the flexibility of your fare. International cut-offs are not affected.

The full list of recommended and cut-off check in times is below.

Qantas Club members and Business Class flyers will be exempt from the new policy and will still be able to check in with only 20 minutes to go.

You can use the Qantas app to check in on Android or iOS.


  • Given that overbooking is a real (shitty) thing that airlines do actually do and I have witnessed people miss overbooked flights that they were the last check-in for, I reckon that the better approach is to check in as soon as is humanly possible to avoid being the unlucky sod who the airline fucks over.

    • I’ve been bumped up a class multiple times due to checking in close to the final time.
      Not through design, just through ineptitude, but I’ve had a couple of business and one first-class bump, which was amazing.

  • As a Person that works at a Airport.
    checking in 30 minutes before departure? LOL I’ve seen too many people rock up to check in and….
    where are the staff to take my luggage?
    Why’s the check in kiosk saying go to check in when no one is there?
    lets just say… they didnt miss the flight the next day.

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