Predict Your Software’s ROI With This Reflection Tool

Predict Your Software’s ROI With This Reflection Tool

To culminate our posts about the Game Outcomes Project, we’re including a self reflection tool the project posted to help you predict the success of your own program, using the data and metrics accumulated from surveying hundreds of game developers. It comes as a downloadable Excel sheet, and is as easy as answering 38 questions.

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The Game Outcomes Project measured which elements of production correlated with success indicators like ROI, critic ratings, internal goals, and delays. Now that we know this, you can apply that knowledge to your own project, and see where you’re headed.

While there will always be outliers, on certain points the correlations were very clear — crunch, for example, is pretty much always a bad idea.

Has your team had a few restructures? Is there high staff turnover? Is the atmosphere overly political? Is overtime forced?

Correlation doesn’t equal causation, but that’s irrelevant when you’re staring down the barrel of a bad launch. Fill in the gaps in this Excel sheet to see what it predicts you’re heading towards.

Project leader Paul Tozour recommends printing out the sheet, getting each team member to fill it in anonymously, and then putting together the averages for each question.