New Smoking Bans Hit NSW Today

New Smoking Bans Hit NSW Today

Smokers in NSW will be prohibited from lighting up in outdoor dining areas from today onward, and it might be worth taking a few steps to the side — those in breach can be fined $300.

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According to the Smoke-free Environment Act 2000, if you’re within four metres of an outdoor dining area at a licensed venue, or within ten metres of an outdoor food stall, you’ll have to move before you get your nicotine hit. Designated smoking areas are still allowed, but only if they don’t conflict with the new regulation banning smoking within four metres of a pedestrian entry or exit to a licensed premises or restaurant.

This expands on the existing law prohibiting smoking in enclosed public spaces, and you can find the full details in this information sheet.

While individuals in breach can be fined $300, businesses in breach can be fined up to $5,500.

Find a complete list of smoking regulations here.


  • Here’s hoping Victoria follows their lead! I’m sick of not being able to enjoy the outdoor areas at bars without smelling revolting afterwards.

  • lol @ NSW. Seriously I can’t believe how much power the hospitality industry has over the government that it has taken this long. Christ I think they were the only state that banned smoking at bus stops BEFORE dining area’s.

      • Yep, was pretty disgusted when visiting NSW and not being able to eat outdoors without being blasted with smoke.

  • I’m looking forward to smoking bans in public full stop, the whole no smoking by the entrances just means you have to walk past them earlier with just a little bit easier to avoid (but in some cases still unavoidable).

    I don’t care if people smoke, but i don’t want to smell it or breathe it in anywhere. Smoke at home or in designated areas that will not impact those that have no desire to be near that crap.

  • I remember when Canberra first banned smoking in clubs, it was so nice to come home after dinner and not have to immediately jump into the shower.

    Though, as I write this comment, I am 3 and a half weeks out from a trip to Japan, where many resteraunts (even chain ones) still have indoor smoking sections.

  • The government should just making smoking illegal already, but they’re as addicted to the money as the smokers are to the nicotine.

  • Ban cars near outdoor eateries too I hate having my food beside the road only to be gassed by rude car drivers.

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