Microsoft's Send Wants To Reinvent Email (Again)

The latest App from Microsoft's experimental Microsoft Garage team aims to make emails simpler and faster to send. Oddly, it's being released for iOS first.

Microsoft Send is designed, by Microsoft's own statements for "brief, snappy communications", so much so that it's a communication app that eschews subject lines. Instead, the free iOS Send App pings short messages through to a target subject's Outlook inbox, with the focus being on being able to access messages later.

It's only initially available in the US and Canada right now — Microsoft Australia hasn't said anything yet about local Send availability — and relies on recipients having an Office 365 Business or Education account as well.

Introducing Send—designed for in-and-out email [Office]


    Doesn't Skype already do this ?
    Doesn't Microsoft own Skype ?
    Is Microsoft so huge and cavernous that entire departments don't know what other departments in the business are doing ?

      Partly yes (because the Sinofsky philosophy of silo-ing development will take a while to wear away) and partly it's a matter of letting innovative groups within a company cannibalise other business in order to move forward.

    In Japan, there is no sms. It's all email. Your phone has an email address specific to your provider, and when you "sms" it just emails other phones.

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