Make Your Own Push Stick For The Ultimate In Table Saw Safety

Push sticks are a must for table saw safety. They keep your hands and fingers off the wood to be cut, and away from the spinning blade. You can make your own push stick that will hold your material in place and perform better than any store-bought one.

Table saws are truly one of the most dangerous tools in any workshop. Each year 67,000 workers and DIYers are injured using table saws. Using a push stick is one of the best ways to prevent those injuries.

Standard push sticks only maintain a small amount of contact with the wood and virtually no downward pressure. Mitering (cutting the corners at an angle) on a piece of 2x6 and installing a catch at the back of it, creates an easy to use push stick that you'll reach for often. Check out the video above to see how to do it.

The best push stick ever [Jay Bates (YouTube)]


    From a 50+ year veteran of using large woodworking equipment, “push sticks” are a bad idea. You lose respect for the equipment and the damage it could do and it leads to you cutting wood that you shouldn’t be cutting in this sort of saw to begin with, potentially leading to greater “accidents”

      Tend to agree with this comment. Only been using a table saw for a couple of years, but I prefer to keep good contact with the timber being sawn by pushing it with my hands/fingers not holding an awkward stick. Also, I would never use a table saw, with or without a push stick, the way this guy is. He leans directly over the running blade after every cut.

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