Make Your Own DIY Hue-Style Light

The Philips Hue is a neat little lighting option, but one thing it is not is cheap. So why not build your own Hue-style lighting rig from a Raspberry Pi?

Over at Instructables, there's a full guide to building a Hue-style light from a Raspberry Pi, a breadboard and an RGB LED light. It is more work than simply plugging in a bulb or two, but the end result lets you send any RGB colour combination to your new light from just about any platform you'd care to name.

IoT: DIY Hue Light [Instructables]


    Nice idea if you want to play with a Pi (guilty!) but a Pi is overkill if you're just wanting to control an RGB LED light or strip. The linked Instructable is only for a single small LED, a Pi wouldn't have the current to drive much more. Even IKEA have pretty decent RGB LED strips with a very basic controller for about $40.

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