Build Your Own NES With 3D Printing And A Raspberry Pi

Build Your Own NES With 3D Printing And A Raspberry Pi

One of the first things people did with the Raspberry Pi was make emulators for all their favourite retro games. But now that 3D printing is on the up and up, we’re seeing more professional-looking outer cases, too. Not only is this one fantastic, but all the information on how to make one yourself has been included.

Nin10do picture by TheDanielSpies

TheDanielSpies over at Hackaday has put together the Nin10do, and it looks great. It looks like he’s gone with a professional company for the actual 3D printing of the case, after designing it in Autodesk.

He’s put everything up on Github for you to take, from the old Nintendo splash screens to the Python code that makes everything sing. But of course it doesn’t just play Nintendo games:

The actual cover doesn’t seem too complicated. There’s a nice flap that opens up to show four USB ports for controllers, and a lovely video showing the finished product:

The video series on how to put it all together is very well made, and starts with electronics…

Before moving onto the case…

And finally, the software…

Daniel has put up a Facebook page for anyone who wants to follow the project. For now, you might have to order those USB NES controllers from elsewhere, but maybe the next step is 3D printing those too? Your move, internet.


  • This is cool. It would take me 1 year to complete though. A good family project through.

    • A lot of people are offering 3D print services online too. You send them your plans, usually in something like AutoCAD, and they print it out for you for a price.

    • You can go to 3D Hubs which hooks you up with 3D printers around the country, or send me a file 🙂

  • Here in the states there are Maker Spaces where one could get their 3D printing done. A quick google search should do the trick to find one by you. In addition, there are many online 3D printing services out there that’ll get it done for pretty cheap.

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