Keep Unexpected Guests From Noticing Messes By Not Pointing Them Out

Keep Short-Notice Guests from Noticing Messes by Not Pointing Them Out

When you're hosting someone in your home, and you didn't have much time to prepare for their arrival, you might feel the urge to apologise for the state your place is in. Here's why you shouldn't.

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Everybody assumes that other people are far more observant than they really are. That's why Jennifer Hunter at Apartment Therapy suggests you don't draw attention to things unless you have to:

NEVER apologise for the state of your home. You'll only point out what they probably would never have noticed anyway.

If something is really noticeable, or they ask about it, then there's no harm in explaining things, but people can only expect so much when they show up on such short notice. You haven't wronged them, so there's no need to apologise. For more tips on prepping your house for short-notice guests, check out the link below.

20 Last Minute Ways to Make Your Home Look Guest-Ready (When It's Actually Kind of a Mess) [Apartment Therapy]


    This is probably good advice for insecurities about appearance too!

    Agreed. Mostly people come to see you; not your house, so why distract them?

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