Is Your Organisation Upgrading To Windows 10?

Is Your Organisation Upgrading To Windows 10?

Windows 10 is officially out today and will be progressively rolled out free of charge to eligible users. We want to know if your organisation will be one of the first to jump on the bandwagon for this new OS.

Refreshing the operating system on a fleet of computers can be onerous and costly although small businesses may have more of an incentive to update since Microsoft is giving free upgrades for PCs running Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 Professional versions. Enterprise users won’t be getting a freebie but larger organisations can still consider going with Windows 10 if they’re due for a tech refresh.

Before committing to upgrading to Windows 10, businesses should consider if their hardware meets the minimum requirements for the new OS.

If your company is currently running Windows XP or Windows Vista, unfortunately there’s no free update available for those OSes, so you may want to consider upgrading straight to a Windows 10 PC or even a Windows 8 device (so you can score the free upgrade without the “new hardware” premium).

From a security perspective, Windows 10 marks Microsoft’s change of approach with delivering updates to systems as it introduces a new feature called Windows Update for Business. This allows businesses to exercise more control over what updates to adopt for their companies.

There are other factors to consider before organisations making the jump to Windows 10. Citrix director for technical services, Safi Obeidullah, suggests that businesses need to ensure their core applications and data are supported and available on Windows 10.

“This will save businesses time, money and effort before undergoing a full migration, which can sometimes take up to two years,” he said in a statement.

Is your company for or against upgrading to Windows 10? We’d love to hear more in the comments.


  • “Hey Smith, can you upgrade all 900 computers tonight? Make sure all the programs and printers and everything is still working properly. Thanks”

    • You would be amazed how often this actually happens…

      The private school I worked at in the IT department, around a year after Win7 first hit, it wasn’t stable enough to be used as an image in a school environment, XP was perfect. BUT parents heard 7 was new and shiny and shit and damn it they wanted it! The business manager came down and demanded that by the end of two weeks from then we have a working image and deploy it across over 1000 Toshiba laptops.

      Tablets had to be handed in, labelled, sorted, sent off for repair (over 650 of the 1000 submitted were sent off), where they would have the new image placed on them by Toshiba after we supplied it and returned within a week. Theoretically. They came back to us 11 days later.

      We tried telling them we needed a few more months for a stable, decent Win7 image, that’s all, maybe two at most. But new and shiny damn it! We didn’t have an SCCM server which could deploy across wireless to all these thousand or so lappies unfortunately which could be done in around a day these days, if not far less.

      Then Toshiba told us part of the agreement for repairing student laptops was not placing the modified image on the hdd. Only a stock standard vanilla win7 image. Which we ended up with. FUN.

      We had to get them all back in and do them manually. This led to the IT department being in from 5am to nearly midnight across a whole week, as after 800 laptops were done, the business manager decided they needed to have OTHER shit installed as well on the images! Engineering Students needed CAD, Chinese students needed ‘Ni Hao’ installed, others needed this etc… *SIGH* Back to the start… but we got it done by getting in around 5 other staff to help.

      It got done by the end of two weeks, each pc being done manually (this was 2008 or so but we were using stations and image discs thank christ). It’s not quite one night but it’s still a bullshit unrealistic deadline that gets set that people don’t think about…

      • Oh yes and none of the printer drivers worked across the school for some reason after one of the network admin changed a setting on the network… THAT was a fun thing to happen day 1 of deployment.

    • Pretty much my stance on this within the company wait a while and then start slowly upgrading.

      • Yes, there seems to be general interest in Windows 10 but a lot of companies are taking a wait-and-see approach, which is fair.

        I’d be interested in speaking with companies that are early adopters and getting their thoughts on it in two weeks’ time.

  • I work in a recruitment company and I’ll have all our PCs upgraded to Win10 by next week…I’ll be testing it on my PC first then everyone else if that works fine.

    • Cool! Would love to get your thoughts on it once it’s all implemented. Just sent you an email 🙂

  • Still using XP on our tough books and Win7 is not that new on Corp laptops and desktops. Typical Government dept… Won’t be seeing Win10 for a long time.

  • we have been running the tech preview for a couple of months in the IT Office, Today we will be upgrading our small lab in the library which gets pretty heavily utilized and do some significant testing with the kids using it.

    I would be planning a full migration during Christmas holidays (at this point in time)

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