How To Skip The Line And Upgrade To Windows 10 Now

How To Skip The Line And Upgrade To Windows 10 Now
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If you’ve reserved a copy of Windows 10 but haven’t gotten the upgrade prompt yet, here’s a secret: you can skip the line and upgrade right now.

If you’re just looking to upgrade your computer — not do a clean install — you don’t need to wait for your spot in line. Just follow these steps:

  1. Back up all your data first! As with any upgrade, we recommend backing up before continuing.
  2. Once you’re ready to upgrade, head to this page and download Microsoft’s Media Creation Tool. Launch it when it finishes downloading.
  3. Select the “Upgrade This PC” option and click Next.
  4. Let the Creation Tool run through its process. It should do almost everything automatically from here on out.

After a few minutes, your computer will reboot and run the upgrade. When it finishes, you should find that Windows 10 is installed and, if you head to Settings > About, it shows as fully activated. Sweet!

Note: We’ve only tested this with a computer that had a copy reserved; we don’t expect it would work if you haven’t reserved a copy of Windows 10 for the computer you’re upgrading. And, like we said before, this likely won’t work for clean installations — only upgrades. Good luck!


  • I never got the prompt to reserve my copy. Maybe it’s because I don’t have automatic updates turned on? I can’t think of any other reason. It kinda sucks.

    • ? Turn them back on man, what is with everyones gripe with auto updates, never ONCE has it been more than a mild annoyance to me.

      Besides, if your on the net, you should be updated to protect yourself.

      So perhaps download ALL updates you have missed out on, bar the one that is a validation check for windows 😛 (Only gripe with auto updates was when i had a hacked version of windows)

      • You misunderstand…I update, I just don’t *auto* update. I have Windows inform me when updates are available then I install them. I don’t want them installing on their own.

        So I am in fact up to date with my updates. I just don’t have auto updates turned on.

        I’m running a legit retail copy of Windows 7.

    • What computer are you running? I was wondering the same thing about my vaio until i got to the Sony site that said they ate not going to release it for those computers until next month.

  • Upgrade doesn’t seem to work if you haven’t reserved, but you can use the create media option to make an ISO and upgrade directly from that.

  • I get a message saying “Something Happened” and the only option is to close the Media Creation Tool. 🙁

    • I managed to get the tool working after trying it on different computers but for some reason when selecting the 64 bit version it would produce a corrupt 32 bit ISO. Only once selecting both as the architecture type would it create a useable ISO file. Luckily I have an unlimited data cap. Managed to get to 18% and then something happened. Nice error message, tells me absolutely nothing. To top that off, each time the installation fails it deletes some of the temporary setup files which take 10 minutes to download each time. Windows 8 was much smoother and you could do a clean install withe the free upgrade key.

  • did this yesterday, just one note to remember.
    when you go to download the Iso, it will ask if you want 32, 64 or both. i went for both because i have a 32 machine as well.
    for both the Iso ends up being too large for a dvd.
    i then had to use the microsoft tool to create a usb with the iso and installed it that way.

  • For anyone who gets the “something happened” error, change your region and language to United States and it should work from there.

  • If you’re receiving the “Something Happened” error, please change your locale settings to English (United States).

    1. Control Panel > Region > Administritive (tab) > Change Locate Settings > English (United States)
    2. Reboot
    3. Control Panel > Region > Administritive (tab) > Copy Settings > Check both boxes near the bottom
    4. Run the media creation tool again

    You’re welcome 🙂


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