How To Fix An iTunes Library Corrupted After Enabling Apple Music

How to Fix an iTunes Library Corrupted After Enabling Apple Music

Apple Music arrived this week on both iOS and desktop. With it came some problems though. Namely, users are reporting that when iCloud Music Library is enabled, their iTunes libraries are getting messed up. Here's the fix.

Several users in Apple's forums and around the web have reported that after turning on iCloud Music Library (which scans your music library and makes it available for streaming on all your devices), their metadata was thrown out of whack. In the worst cases, album titles aren't linked to the right songs and artwork is completely wrong. Thankfully, you can roll back your library file to get it working properly:

  1. Close iTunes
  2. Head to your iTunes music folder (usually username > Music > iTunes)
  3. Drag the iTunes Library.itl file from this folder to your desktop
  4. Open the Previous iTunes Libraries folder
  5. Find the most recent iTunes Library[DATE].itl file. Drag it into the Music > iTunes folder
  6. Rename the file iTunes Library.itl
  7. Reopen iTunes

Your music library should now be restored. Judging from the forums, the problem seems most common with people who have also enabled iTunes Match in the past, but it could also be striking at random. For now, it's probably a good idea to stay away from enabling iCloud Music Library until the problems are ironed out.


    It's amazing that Apple gets away with such poor software and services. Apple Music took Beats Music (a functional service... the one they paid $3 billion for) and broke it ... since I signed up yesterday, I haven't been able to get past this screen ... the balls all shift over to the left and the service hangs. The fact that iTunes is damaged by the Apple-Beats chimera isn't surprising. There isn't a worse jukebox UI than iTunes IMO and the repeated failures of software for cloud services like iTunes, Apple Music, Mail, etc are more proof that Apple can't do cloud services. The fix for iTunes is either Amazon Music (for storage of purchases) or Spotify (for streaming). I don't see any hope for Apple ever straightening out their cloud services; it's not in their DNA. But they do make nice hardware. Expect a downward slide similar to Microsoft under Ballmer.

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