How Much Is Windows 10 To Buy Outright?

If you aren’t eligible for the free Windows 10 upgrade or simply don't want to wait in the digital queue for the "progressive rollout", you could just buy the new Microsoft OS outright. The price list for Windows 10 is out and we’ve done a comparison of the Australian and US pricing.

Versions Australian Pricing US Pricing (converted to AUD)
Windows 10 Home $179 $162 (excluding tax)
Windows 10 Pro $299 $271 (excluding tax)

Considering the US pricing doesn’t include tax, Australians are getting a fair deal for a change. You'll be able to buy Windows 10 outright through the Australian Microsoft Store website, although it is still listed as "Coming Soon".

For those who think Windows 10 is too pricey but still want to get their hands on the OS, another option is to buy a version of Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 and join the line for the free upgrade.

Still not sure about Windows 10? Find out more about the new Windows OS here.


    As well as waiting once you buy your 7.0/8.1 copy you can simply download the ISO files from Microsoft, burn them to a DVD and do a fresh install using the product key.

    Are there any student discounts? I know they sometimes chuck a few to students for cheap

    Slightly cheaper to buy a USB flash drive from PCCG:

    Home - $159
    Pro - $269

    Express shipping to Sydney CBD (as an example) is $13.

      It's too expensive! I got a windows 10 home product key just $34.99, from, guys who need genuine can have a try.

    Quick tip. For the next year, you can get pro for about $200. How you ask? purchase windows 8.1 pro and upgrade.

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