How Are The iOS 9 And OS X El Capitan Betas Treating You?

How Are The iOS 9 And OS X El Capitan Betas Treating You?

Apple released the iOS 9 and El Capitan public betas last week, and while we generally recommend that people stay away from betas, we’re sure some of you jumped in head first. So, we want to know, how’s the experience been so far?

Personally, both betas have been fine and pretty uneventful overall. I have a few apps on iOS 9 that crash, but most are working just fine. Same goes for El Capitan, which, with the exception of the return of a Wi-Fi connection bug, seems pretty stable overall. Your mileage may vary of course, so let’s hear what you have to say.


  • Same here, both have been the most stable early betas in a while. Only one app hasn’t worked on iOS for me (plex) and there a some display issues with flux on OS X (stutters while fading), otherwise pretty good!

  • Everything has been great. A few minor bugs here and there that are mildly inconvenient at worst. Definitely looking forward to the real release

  • Does iOS9 still have the annoying ‘volume’ icon that takes up most of the screen, so every time you adjust the volume you cant see your game/video/website?
    Every release I expect that insanity to go, but it seems to prevail.

  • VMWare Fusion fails on resume of Win 7 VM, have to restart the OS overall. The stutter effect is happening a lot too

  • That USED to be more transparent right? I’m sure pre-iOS7 it was just as large, but more see through.

  • the exception of the return of a Wi-Fi connection bug
    Ditto, which is quite annoying, but so far my mac-mini doesn’t have the 3.5mm/HDMI Audio issues that bugged me in Yosemite.

    I’ve uninstalled IOS9. I could live with apps crashing – it’s a beta. Maps looked a bit better, which was good, however:
    Despite having “Require Passcode” set to 1 hour, I’d get prompted for it immediately. which leads me to the second major issue
    Random unlock failure
    When attempting to pass-code unlock my iPhone 6 I sometimes get no entry prompt to type it in. sometimes I was able to recover by hitting power, but most of the time I had to force-reboot.

  • ios9 has been treating me pretty well, a few crashes and unresponsiveness here and there that i was expecting

    havent been able to test el capitan yet as have just had to take my macbook in for servicing but should have it back in a few days

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