Hating The Rich Can Stop You Becoming Wealthy

Hating The Rich Can Stop You Becoming Wealthy

The truly wealthy are a bunch of fat cats who are to be despised, right? Thinking like that may be holding you back from accumulating your own wealth.

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That’s the thinking of psychologist Dr. Brad Klontz, who argues that what happens when you associate “rich” with “bad”, possibly at an early age, is that you set yourself up for failure later in life.

Because you’re associating wealth with negative stereotypes around the worst types of rich people, which shouldn’t be applied to everyone who is wealthy. But once you’ve got that idea in your head, it’s likely to stay there, resisting shifting and subconsciously affecting your own financial outcomes.

“The psychological cost would be too high. It also explains, in part, why many people unconsciously sabotage their financial success, believing that wealth and integrity cannot coexist.”

A psychologist says disliking rich people can keep you from becoming one [Business Insider]


  • I guess its been a little different for me.
    I like rich people and aspire to be one, but i hate rich people who got their success from stepping on the little guys.
    Currently im one of the little guys but not giving up on the hope of being a fatcat one day!

  • Wouldnt a more useful study in this situation be one whereby it was demonstrated that negative stereotypes regarding wealth were actually untrue? That would resolve the moral aspects for those people who consider wealth to be evil, rather than suggesting that perhaps if people want to be rich, maybe they should loosen their moral standards a little, which is effectively what hes saying.

    And just because people can become wealthy without having to engage in any overtly evil acts doesnt mean that the notion of wealth and the current distribution system and associated value judgements isnt utterly reprehensible and outright immoral, considering the human cost.

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