Google Maps Can Now Send Directions From Your Desktop To Android

Google Maps Can Now Send Directions From Your Desktop to Android

Android: A while back, Google added the ability to type "send directions" into Google to automatically forward directions to your phone. Then it added the much more useful ability to send directions from Google Maps to your iPhone. Now, the latter feature finally works for Android phones as well.

As long as you have the latest version of Google Maps installed on your Android device, when you look up an addresses with Google on the desktop, you will get a link offering to "Send to device." Tap the notification on your phone and you'll be able to start navigating, or just read information about the place you're looking up.

Now You Can Send Directions From Desktop Google Maps To Your Android Device [Android Police]


    Is this another US ONLY feature? Doesn't appear on my Google Maps (and yes, I have v9.11.0 on my Galaxy).

    Are these directions available offline? I can only see them while online. Also, once I've closed down the directions, they seem to disappear. Can't locate where I would open them again.

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