Google Made Bits And Pieces Of Its Web Design Freely Available To Use

For those making a webpage, either for a personal blog, small business, or something similar, Google just made your job a lot easier. Now you can pinch some of Google's code for specific website elements for use in your own projects.

Theme picker picture by Google Developers

Little things like cards, loading cursors, tooltips, sliders, menus, and more, have had their code made available for anyone to copypasta over at the Google Developers blog. Worth checking out if you quickly need to grab something or just don't want to worry about making it yourself.

There are also several ready-to-go templates for websites, making it easy to work on mobile. It's all very Google-y, following its colour scheme, icons, and design principles. Minimal, though perhaps not minimal enough for some. It's never really been a problem to find templates for a wordpress blog, or just use a public blog like Medium or Blogspot, but it might still come in handy. Just copy, paste, and go.

The colour theme picker lets you pick two colours from a selection of very Chrome-y colours, and it'll host a stylesheet that you can reference or download.

You can get started on its introductory post here, or start playing around with the components here.


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