Google Chrome Steps Up Its Malware Detection

Google Chrome Steps Up Its Malware Detection

Google’s Chrome browser is about to get even more noisy in its quest to keep your computer malware-free.

Google Chrome can be rather proactive when it comes to labelling sites that may be hosting malware style software, and this is very much a deliberate decision that Google’s rather proud of and that will be accelerating in the very near future.

Writing at Google’s Online Security Blog, Google’s Moheeb Abu Rajab and Stephan Somogyi state that

“In the coming weeks, these detection improvements will become more noticeable in Chrome: users will see more warnings about unwanted software than ever before.

We want to be really clear that Google Safe Browsing’s mandate remains unchanged: we’re exclusively focused on protecting users from malware, phishing, unwanted software, and similar harm. You won’t see Safe Browsing warnings for any other reasons.”

More Visible Protection Against Unwanted Software [Google Online Security]


  • Howabout they fix the debilitating issues with actually using the thing first?

    No point warning me about dangerous sites when I can’t get to them in the first place. The DNS error bug is ridiculous and has been sitting around unfixed for a damn long time.

  • They really need to tell users about these things BEFORE they implement them, I got one of those notices on a site that I frequent and thought, here we go, some sort of dodgy ad. It took me a while to figure out I wasn’t at the wrong website or that I didn’t maximise some ad for some virus ‘remover’ software, it was just google warning me about a risk I have already managed.

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