Facebook Wants You To Do A Quick Checkup Of Your Security (Again)

Keeping your data private on Facebook can be a tricky balancing act of logins, app permissions and the tiny changes Facebook itself makes to its UI. Facebook's announced a new "Security Checkup" tool to simplify the process.

Facebook's Melissa Luu-Van writes about the Security Checkup feature, which you should see popping up at the top of your Facebook feed "over the next few weeks".

It's a three step process of logging out of any devices or apps that have Facebook account authorisation, which could be handy if you've logged in from an Internet cafe, shared laptop or smartphone, or had a game app request a more permanent connection.

The next step will be choosing login alerts, which should notify you if someone else tries to log into your account via email from an "unfamiliar device or browser" before being given tips on best password practices.

If you're particularly keen and don't want to wait to be pestered by Facebook, you can start the security checkup process here.

Enhancing Security with a Quick Checkup [Facebook]


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