Facebook Adds New Options For Managing What You See In Your News Feed

Facebook has released an update to Facebook today that gives you more control over what you see in your News Feed. In a single menu, you can now prioritise, find new pages, unfollow and more.

The tools here come in a new News Feed Preferences menu. The prioritise menu allows you star friends so they always appear at the top of your News Feeds. The unfollow menu lets you unfollow people in bulk, and the reconnect menu allows you to refollow people you've unfollowed. There's also a new pages section if you're interested in finding new brands to connect with. You'll find the News Feed Preferences under the "More" button in iOS. The update is rolling out to Android and desktop over the coming weeks.

Updated Controls for News Feed [Facebook]


    Have they allowed you to permanently set your newsfeed to "Most Recent" yet?

      This is the only change I need. Anything else is just fluff for me.

    Is this something that's being 'rolled out'? I've made sure my iPad and iPhone have both been updated with the lastes version of all apps available including facebook but I still only have the old 'News Feed Preferences'. I am on the Australian itunes store so maybe we have to wait for it.

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