The Secret To Living Longer: Chocolate, Wine And Sex

Living healthier and longer doesn’t have to mean salads and treadmills. Behaviour expert Mark Stibich recommends a few “fun” healthy additions to your habits and diet that are much easier it follow — including indulging in chocolate and having more sex.

“Many activities that are fun and pleasurable are also good for you,” Stibich explains on his blog. “By understanding how these activities can help you live longer and what to do to get the most benefits, you’ll be putting some fun into healthy living.”

Examples of fun healthy living cited by Stibich include drinking red wine (for the antioxidant resveratrol), eating dark chocolate (which can lower blood pressure and cholesterol), playing puzzle games (for regular brain exercise) and having more sex (because why the hell not, eh?)

Of course, it’s highly debatable whether any of these habits will result in a longer lifespan; especially if you go overboard with the wine and chocolate. Then again, most centenarians claim happiness was the key to their long life. I think it’s safe to say that the above indulgences will keep you smiling.

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