Don't Avoid Asking Questions At The End Of An Interview

Sell Your Skills Better by Tailoring Your Pitch to The Listener's Needs

When you're going for a job, it's important to realise that it's not just you being interviewed.

Any interview is a two way process, because while you're selling your skills to a potential new employer, you should also be sounding them out to work out if they're a good match for you, whether that's a match in terms of company culture, where you want your career to proceed or the kinds of skills you hope to acquire while on the job.

As Gen George, founder of OneShift puts it

"A job interview is a two way street. You are not there to be harassed with terrifying questions. You are there so the company, as well as yourself, can see how well you would fit the role. While you should be trying to impress your potential future employer, you also need to suss out whether this position is suited to you."

Typically you'll be asked if you have any questions as an interview winds to a close. Don't waste that time, unless you've already sussed that the job isn't for you.

10 questions you should be asking in your next job interview [Business Insider]


    I think there are some folks here who happen out of job currently, and feel struggling to land on the next one. Please keep positive attitude in any interview you have. I understand how frustrated you all sometime feel as I used to be in that situation for a long period of time. Any experience will end up with good memory in our life but only for those always trying to move our mental scale toward the positive side.

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