Build Your Own HD Display... Out Of Threads?

When the apocalypse strikes, your fancy LCD TV isn't going to display much but static. If you're notably paranoid, start building yourself a new HD display out of thread.

OK, that's not terribly likely, or even likely to be part of your survival strategy unless the apocalypse breaks out right when you're next to a very large fabric shop.

Still, a display which uses spools of thread to show selected Instagram images is a pretty neat hack. It's an advertising gimmick for now, but the video above shows how it was done using some 6,400 individual spools of thread.

Spools Of Thread For 6,400 Pixel Color Display [Hack A Day]


    no not out of threads, out of coloured belts that run on spools

      Lol it wouldn't be gizmodo/lifehacker/kotaku if it didnt have a click-bait borderline misleading title.

    Does it have HDMI input?

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