Briefly: Pluto Conspiracy, Hooters Tanks, 30GB Free Cloud Storage

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: Hooters' Aussie restaurants go into administration, get 30GB of free cloud storage from Pogoplug, did NASA fake the Pluto flyby?

  • Here's some bad news for anyone planning a cheap and depressing bucks' night: three Sydney Hooters restaurants have gone into voluntary administration, with their locations and contact page pulled offline. SMH has the story.
  • Domino's is offering Value Range pizzas for $5 pickup when you use the discount code "133583". You can also get Chef's Best Pizzas for $8. The deal ends 24 August. [Via OzBargain]
  • Did the New Horizons space probe really pass Pluto this week, or was the entire world taken for a ride? Gizmodo explores the "evidence".
  • Is your Dropbox filling up fast? You can currently get 30GB of free cloud storage from Pogoplug. Click here for more info.


    Are the Australian Hooter's sad a depressing?

    I've been to US ones several times and loved it. I guess it depends on the company as I always went with friends?

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