Arrow Launcher Is An Action-Based Android Launcher From Microsoft

Arrow Launcher Is An Action-Based Android Launcher From Microsoft

The variety of alternative launchers is one of the best advantages of Android. Although we might not have expected one from Microsoft, the company has recently released a beta launcher. It comes with a built-in to-do list, quick shortcuts to contacts, and other handy features.

Unlike most Android launchers, you only get one page of home screen shortcuts. You can add more icons and folders to a drawer that lives along the bottom of your screen, and of course there’s the usual app drawer for all your shortcuts. However, the home screens themselves are task-oriented rather than being a space for app icons. To the right of the main home screen is a simple to-do list. To the left, you’ll find your frequent contacts, as well as a shortcut for the dialer.

The app is currently available on the Play Store via a beta program. To get access, join the Google+ community here and sign up for the beta. Alternatively, you can download the APK from APK Mirror here. You won’t get updates via this method (unless you continually check for new APKs) but it does work without signing up for anything.

Microsoft’s Next Android App Is Arrow Launcher, An Aviate-Inspired Homescreen Replacement Now In Beta [Android Police]


  • Microsoft are making some surprisingly good software for Android. Their screen lock app called Next is also fairly decent.
    I can only assume MS is putting more effort into Android because they’re still sore with Apple not backing down from the 30% revenue tiff they had not too long ago

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