Apple's Adding Another NSW Store This Weekend

Apple's ninth NSW store launches in the Miranda shopping Centre this Saturday, but there's still no sign of an Apple store for Tasmania or the Northern Territory.

As MacRumors spotted, the Apple Miranda Store will open on Saturday at 10:00am if you're in the mood for a frenzy of staff high-fiving and the off-chance of a store t-shirt, drive yourself nuts.

Once open, Apple will have 22 stores in Australia, covering every state and territory except Tasmania and the Northern Territory, with the vast majority in New South Wales.

Apple Store Miranda Opening in New South Wales on July 25 [MacRumors]


    Apple's ninth store in NSW is news?
    Someone pissed in Alex's pocket.

      Not that I've noticed recently.... HEYCUTTHATOUT!!!

    We have a Mac reseller in TAS that operates a store that looks pretty close to an Apple store. They are called Next Byte but are often referred to as the apple store.

      They're owned by Vitagroup, who own the (now defunct) FoneZones and several Telstra stores. There were some rumours floating around of a potential mini Apple store in the Myer building once it's rebuilt.

    Meh......people still queue up for these things?

    Come on @alexkidman, it's only fair that you also let us know when a new Harvey Norman store opens ;)

      people still queue up for these things?
      First 1,000 customers get a free iShirt (no, seriously)
      I wonder if there are still people who travel the world going to every store opening. And I wonder how much an iShirt sells for on eBay. I imagine slightly more than a regular shirt, and I expect that said iShirt will cop a lot of flack from Android fans for allegedly being derivative.

    Miranda? Oh yea that's the place where an Apple store already closed down because they made no profit.

      What Apple store in Miranda? Maccentric?
      There's not been an Apple-owned store there, but the Apple counters at both JBs and DSE are usually packed with customers.

        There was an apple store there like 5 years ago. Right where Build a Bear was before the rebuild last year.

          Shop 3078/8 which was Build-a-Bear was where Maccentric (An Apple reseller) was located between May 2009 through about Oct 2010.

          As far as I can see the only genuine Apple stores that have closed have been because of relocations or refurbishments. An Apple store closing because of poor trade would be a big deal.

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