Apple IIGS OS Updates After 22 Years

It just might be a record, with the OS for the Apple IIGS receiving its first update in more than two decades.

Image: Blake Patterson

Apple doesn't mention the original computers that brought them to the IT space any more, although for many years releases from the company carried a tagline about the original Apple computers. The IIGS was the 16-bit upgrade for the venerable Apple II line, released in 1986 and officially discontinued in 1992.

So how can there be a software upgrade? Apple hasn't suddenly gone insane and put its own resources into the software, but an independent group has released IIGS System Software 6.02, fixing bugs and adding new features to the seriously veteran operating system.

Sure, chances are you're not running a IIGS any more, if you ever did. Still, it does go to show that if all else fails and you want something done, sometimes you just have to program it yourself. Be aware, however, that it may take some time.

Announcing Apple IIgs System 6.0.2 [CallApple via HackADay]


    Will this update fix the stuttering I've been seeing in Batman: Arkham Knight?

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