You Don’t Always Need The Latest Tech To Get The Job Done

You Don’t Always Need The Latest Tech To Get The Job Done

Salespeople will invariably tell you that you need the latest and greatest system to get the job done. That’s not always the case, however, as the use of an Amiga to run heating systems shows.

Image: Blake Patterson

This particular story went quite viral over the weekend, highlighting a school district using a Commodore Amiga 2000 to run the heating for 19 US schools within a district. It’s running off a 1200 baud modem — not exactly cutting edge itself — and uses simple radio frequencies to send out commands. Neat programming that has stood the test of time, in other words.

There are some pitfalls to be aware of. Replacement Amiga parts aren’t exactly thick on the ground these days, for a start. At the same time, however, the replacement cost of a new system would run into a couple of million dollars, which is part of a bond proposal the school is looking into.

1980s computer controls GRPS heat and AC [WoodTV]


  • I areally don’t see why the carry on over this. Has anyone seen any SCADA enquipment. Usually it can be older than these Amigas!

  • I can remember a few years back now seeing either an Amiga Desktop screen or a Guru Meditation error appear on a train timetable screen in Brisbane. It would have been post 2000 but guessing its been replaced by now though, was being used well past its expected life though I reckon.

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