‘You Can’t Pay People To Love You’

‘You Can’t Pay People To Love You’

Everyone wants to be paid well, but money isn’t everything when it comes to attracting good employees. If your workplace culture is toxic and unhelpful, people will end up leaving anyway.

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Zrinka Lovrencic, managing director for Great Place to Work Institute Australia, made the point succinctly during a recent panel discussion on the future of work: “You can’t pay people to love you.” To avoid the obvious gags: more specifically, you can’t pay people to love working for you.

“The big questions many employers ask are: How do we attract people? How do we make people stay?” Lovrencic said. Creating an environment where people enjoy their job and know they can contribute goes a long way to solve that.


  • When it comes to work, yes you can if the company you are with has the right culture.
    When it comes to personal parts of your life, yes you can, but three points arise.
    One, you needs lots of money, like millions and not on paper.
    Two, you have plenty of the dollars and you get along with most everyone (a good guy)
    Three, you don’t have much but you are willing to work hard and pay when you can as long as the others go along with you in your quests.

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