Why You Shouldn’t Use Bleach To Clean Rust Stains 

Why You Shouldn’t Use Bleach To Clean Rust Stains 

Bleach can be a powerful cleaning tool, but it doesn’t work on everything. When trying to get rid of an ugly rust stain, steer clear of bleach.

Picture: Ryan McGuire

Bleach seems like a sensible fix for a rust stain, but it’s one stain you can’t get rid of with bleach. In fact, bleach makes it worse. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer explains:

The active ingredient in bleach is a chemical compound called sodium hypochlorite. It acts as an oxidizing agent, ionizing other materials by removing electrons from them; this is why it removes stains from clothes and kills germs. The oxidizing properties of bleach accelerate rusting; iron loses electrons more readily in the presence of bleach than in plain water.

A better option is lemon juice and salt paste, which we’ve mentioned before. Check out the full post below for more chemicals that make rust worse.

What Chemicals Rust Metal Rapidly? [SeattlePI]


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