Which Version Of Windows 10 Will You Get With Your Free Upgrade?

Which Version Of Windows 10 Will You Get With Your Free Upgrade?

So we know Windows 10 is out on July 29 and we also know that many Windows users will get a free upgrade. But which of the seven different versions will you get? This chart breaks it down.

This is Microsoft’s outline of how existing versions of Windows will translate to the new release. (Check our full overview for details on the new Windows 10 versions.)

Version Upgrade
Windows 7 Starter Windows 10 Home
Windows 7 Home Basic Windows 10 Home
Windows 7 Home Premium Windows 10 Home
Windows 7 Professional Windows 10 Pro
Windows 7 Ultimate Windows 10 Pro
Windows Phone 8.1 Windows 10 Mobile
Windows 8.1 Windows 10 Home
Windows 8.1 Pro Windows 10 Pro
Windows 8.1 Pro For Students Windows 10 Pro

Bad news for anyone still using the Windows RT variant found on first-generation; it’s not eligible for the upgrade. Nor are Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 Enterprise customers, but users on that version may well have automatic upgrades as part of a Software Assurance deal. As we noted yesterday, while the final version of Windows 10 for PCs and tablets will be available to everyone on July 29, Windows Phone users may have to wait longer.


  • The question for me is “Should you upgrade?” It would be to Windows 10 Home according to your chart above.

  • Windows 10 Home for me it is then, as I have Windows 7 Home Premium.

    I just hope that the Windows 10 Home version contains those “Premium” features that Windows 7 Home Premium offers over Windows 7 Home Basic.

  • I’m with Mr T – should we upgrade? I don’t have much idea about running programmes so am a bit nervous about letting it happen?

    • The simple answer is yes, you should upgrade. There are almost no reasons not to, but many reason to do it.

  • Since Microsoft announced that those with pirated versions of Windows 7 and 8 will be able to get the free upgrade to make their system legal it seems logical that anyone wishing to have Windows 10 Pro would simply download a pirated copy of Windows 7 Pro before upgrading.

    It’s because of this that they really should just let the user pick if they want Home or Pro since they are giving it away for free for one year anyway even to those who havn’t given a penny to Microsoft. At least those who have paid for their OS we should have the choice of which version to upgrade to.

    Now I am not encouraging anyone to do anything illegal and simply making a point that Home and Pro version restrictions are pointless.

    • While they did say this was going to be the case, Microsoft recently explained that it will prompt you to buy the legitimate software constantly. Much like non-genuine win7 installs currently do when Microsoft detects pirate copies.

  • In the past I was always under the impression that it was better doing a fresh install of windows rather than an upgrade.. for example upgrading from Vista > Windows 7… Is this the case with 10?. If you get the free upgrade, does it do a fresh install or will there still be elements of windows 7/8 under the hood/in the background?

    • I believe that after you have upgraded you will be able to do a clean install however you will need to do the upgrade first. I am not sure how it works though, my idea of a clean install is to format the hard drive and use an ISO on disk or USB but Microsoft might consider that a computer ‘reset’ could qualify. There is more info coming soon apparently.

    • With older upgrades it was a clean install with a choice to bring old settings amid documents across. The old windows version was kept in a folder called windows.old which could be deleted through disk clean up.

  • Replies not going under posts, editing not working – I think this comments code is kinda borked currently. (Firefox, W7 64)

  • Will the upgrade licence be tied to the specific hardware, or can it be transferred if you have a retail version? There seems to be some conjecture.

      • Windows 8.1 Pro retail licence is not tied to hardware and does allow a transfer of the licence between computers. When I go to Read the Microsoft Software Licence Terms in System properties, it states:

        Can I transfer the software to another computer or user? You may transfer the software to another computer that belongs to you.

        • When I went to transfer my copy of 8 pro to my new system it wouldn’t let me and told me the key was already in use. So I had to ring Microsoft and explain I upgraded my pc. They the issued me with a new key.
          Yes you can transfer it as much as you like but they key is tied to hardware and you need your proof of purchase etc to do it. It’s not stick the disc in and go.

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