When To Use Light Or Dark Baking Sheets

When To Use Light Or Dark Baking Sheets

Baking sheets come in different shades, and that’s not just a decor choice — depending on what you’re baking, the colour of your pan matters. Here’s when to use a light baking sheet versus a darker one.

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The Kitchn breaks it down:

If you are wondering about the difference between light and dark pans, think about this: When you go out into the hot summer sun, what happens when you are wearing a darker T-shirt versus a light pastel or white T-shirt? Your shirt heats up more and a lot faster if it’s made of a dark material. The same goes for bakeware placed in the oven. Darker materials and black pans typically absorb and also radiate more heat.

When you are debating between using a light- or dark-coloured pan to bake with in your oven, consider what you wish to achieve: Do you want the pan to get really hot and radiate lots of heat onto your food or do you want a gentler, lighter heat?

They suggest using a darker sheet or pan when you want crispy baked goods — like pizza crust or potato wedges. If you’ve got an old, used, blackened baking sheet, use it for roasting veggies. Use a lighter pan for cakes and biscuits. This keeps your cakes from browning too quickly on the edges before they’re thoroughly cooked.

If you don’t have the right colour pan, the Kitchn also offers some tips on how to modify the baking temperature with your current pans. Head to the link below to read more.

When to Use a Light-Coloured Pan, and When to Use a Dark One [TheKitchn]

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