Video Briefly: Kung Fury, America Vs. Vegemite, Ice Rocket

Brief video items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: San Andreas without special effects, watch all of Kung Fury free, Hugh Jackman shows America how to eat Vegemite.

  • Launching a rocket into an icy lake isn't a bad way to spend a cold and boring winter day. Watch the video here.
  • During Tech World 2015, Lenovo showed off a new concept smartwatch dubbed the Magic View that boasts a second LCD display. Here's a video of the device in action.
  • San Andreas is the latest disaster movie to depict the complete devastation of a city on the big screen. But first they had to film people running around without any CGI. Here is the footage.
  • Here's the case for playing The Witcher 3 in easy mode:
  • Behold: The Underrated Importance Of Chairs In Movies.
  • Here's the teaser trailer for the new Need For Speed. As Luke at Gizmodo points out, there's a whole lot of bro going on.
  • If you haven't watched the '80s action movie homage Kung Fury yet, set aside 30 minutes and enjoy. It is totally radical.
  • 24 hours after the first teasing announcement, the trailer for Fallout 4 has finally arrived. Watch it here.
  • Witcher 3 is the game of the moment — but if you can't be bothered playing it, Kotaku has rounded up video of all the key sex scenes. This is, we should point out, manifestly NSFW.
  • This video shows Peter Dinklage singing about Game Of Thrones with Coldplay. We don't feel the need to say anything else.
  • We've tried some unusual ways of eating Vegemite, but it's often confusing for Americans. In this video, Aussie legend Hugh Jackman explains the basics to Jimmy Fallon.
  • So apparently we need more movies about Steve Jobs, and we now have a trailer for the Aaron Sorkin-scripted Jobs tale, starring Michael Fassbender. What, Ashton wasn't good enough for y'all?[via Gizmodo


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