Use Chickpea Liquid As An Awesome Replacement For Eggs

Use Chickpea Liquid as an Awesome Replacement for Eggs

Attention vegans and people with egg allergies: It's time to stock up on some cans of chickpeas. The liquid left over in the can, called aquafaba, makes a perfect egg substitute for baking — even for challenging desserts like meringues and angel food cake.

Slate discovered this "miracle liquid" from French chef Joël Roessel and explains that you can treat aquafaba like egg whites, whipping them into a foam that takes on the fluffy consistency and taste of eggs.

A Facebook group dedicated to aquafaba highlights other uses for the bean juice, including baking cakes, making mousse and tuiles (wafers). All egg-free and tantelizing.

Stop Pouring Your Chickpea Liquid Down the Drain. It's a Magical Ingredient. [Slate]


    I don't believe this actually tastes good.

      Why not try it? A can of chickpeas is only $1, and you can make some hummus out of the beans too

        I don't like hummus either. But no, this is not something I wish to try, even if it turns out to be true.

      Raw egg white doesn't taste good either. It's all about the other ingredients..... mostly the sugar.

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