Upgrade Leftover Pizza Into Mini Calzones With A Waffle Iron

Upgrade Leftover Pizza to Gooey Mini-Calzones with a Waffle Iron

Microwaved pizza tends to taste pretty awful. While it's possible to improve the taste with a strategic mug of water, why not upgrade your leftovers entirely? In just a few steps, you can turn day-old slices of cold pizza into delicious mini-calzones.

There's certainly nothing wrong with enjoying a cold slice or reheating it to it's original crispness. J. Kenji López-Alt at Serious Eats just wanted to take his leftover pizza to the next level of cheesiness.

Grab some slices and fold the pointy side up to one of the crust's corners. Slice off your excess — and snack on it — then throw the folded slice in the waffle iron. It will be warm, gooey and crispy. You can also add in some extra ingredients before waffling. For complete instructions, check out the link below.

Leftover Pizza + Waffle Iron = Delicious Crispy, Gooey, Cheese-Stuffed Snack [Serious Eats]


    Or just take 2 slices, face to face and jam them into a sandwich press!!

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