This Video Explains How To Finally Get Rid Of Your Bad Breath

Popping a breath mint only masks bad breath — it doesn’t actually solve the problem. If you stink up the vicinity every time you open your mouth, this video will help you find the culprit and fix it for good.

At the end of the day, most bad breath solutions come down to good oral hygiene: brush your teeth at least twice a day, floss regularly (seriously, your dentist isn’t making that up), and scrape your tongue with a tongue scraper. It’s gross, but it will do wonders. Get some floss picks with tongue scrapers built-in and kill two birds with one stone. (Or three birds if you floss while you shower).

Check out the video above for more, or check out our original post on the subject if you prefer reading.


  • I don’t have bad breath but i’m always worried i do but nobody is telling me…….I basically live on apples, raw carrots and celery……so that is a good sign.

  • Last year, I went to the dentist and he put the fear of Shiva into me.

    “Your teeth are great, but your gums are going to let you down. You have to start flossing, yesterday.”

    I hated flossing. With a passion. But given a choice between losing my teeth or spending a couple of minutes every day doing something I find unpleasant… well, the choice was clear. So I started flossing and within a couple of weeks it had become a habit. My gums stopped bleeding when I did it, and the pong decreased.

    Now, a year later, my breath simply does not smell and my dentist is happy that his rant was taken to heart. 🙂 I simply can’t go to bed without flossing, either… feels odd.

    • Yeah, flossing really isn’t as bad as it seems at first glance. It’s a little bit time consuming but like anything in your morning schedule you make room for it for a week and suddenly you adjust and can’t imagine what you’d do with the extra time if you skipped it. Like you say the only problem is you get used to how your mouth feels when it’s properly flossed, so even the slightest little thing between your teeth becomes irritating really quickly.

      I really wish I had of kept going to the dentist when I was younger. I’m a pretty lazy guy so selling me on flossing would have been a hard task, but aside from my mouth being a little dry my teeth were perfect. Now they’re not terrible but they’d be so much better if I had of been doing even half of the stuff I do now rather than just brushing and occassionally rinsing.

  • Mine was tonsil related. They were pretty bad and not functioning as they should. No amount of brushing, flossing and eating certain foods was going to help me. I ended up having them removed a few years ago. Best decision ever, plus I hardly get sick now.

  • Wont solve the problem if you have tonsil stones…. cant floss them away. Likewise if you have some form of gut infection such as Giardia this can also lead to foul smelling breath.

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