This Infographic Shows You How Long Different Wines Last After Opening

This Infographic Shows You How Long Different Wines Last After Opening

If you don't finish a bottle of wine, you want to make sure you know how long you have to finish it before the taste changes dramatically. This handy infographic breaks down how long common types of wine last after being opened.

The infographic also shows how to properly store each type of wine. For example, I was surprised that sparkling wine can last up to three days — great for mimosas the morning after. You can also find more detail for all how Wine Folly got these numbers and how to properly store the types of wines in the graphic at the link below.

How Long Does Wine Last Opened? [Wine Folly]


    Or 14 minutes at our house.

    Wine changes taste when it oxidises. If wine is exposed to oxygen, it starts to oxidise. This explains why people decant wines when they want them to taste nice quickly.

    If you leave the cork off a bottle of red, it will taste like crap the next day. If you re-cork a 1/2 empty bottle, it will oxidise more than a bottle that is almost full - because there's more oxygen in the bottle when you cork it.

    The best tip I can offer is to get a hand-pump to remove the oxygen from the bottle. Try one of these at Dan Murpys for under $4

    If you use one of these, a 1/2 bottle of wine will last a month or more. For $4, this is one of the best investments a wine drinker can get.

    Bag-In-a-Box - about 28 hours max, and that's between 2 of us ... slurp

    i got confused at "If you don’t finish a bottle of wine"

    ive never got more than about 2 days out of a bottle of red before it tastes like vinegar, white a day or 2 longer. Champagne 2 days before it starts going flat (with a stopper). I might try the $4 gadget Dan recommended.

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