The Geometric Desktop

The Geometric Desktop

Windows: Flickr user eriksseibutis put together this beautiful desktop with shortcuts on the right, time and date on the left, and a stark wallpaper. The whole setup looks great when clear or covered with windows. Here's how he set it up.

This is a Windows machine, but you may not really be able to tell considering the taskbar is hidden and everything else is customised. If you like the look, here's what you'll need:

That's all there is to this one. Not a ton of moving parts, but a great result that's easy to duplicate. If you like this one, or have questions about how it's made, head over to the Flickr link below to let eriksseibutis know you like how it all turned out. Let him know we sent you.

4720900076e4e4d75cc61c114180f35a [Flickr]


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