The 10 Worst Android Apps For Draining Your Smartphone’s Battery

The 10 Worst Android Apps For Draining Your Smartphone’s Battery

AVG’s latest Android App Report has named and shamed the biggest battery hogs on the Android market, with the Telstra app proving to be the worst offender in Australia. If your phone is constantly running out of juice, here are the apps you need to use sparingly or completely uninstall.

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During the first three months of 2015, AVG tracked the top battery drainers among Android customers by aggregating data from more than one million AVG app users. In a blow to Galaxy S users, Samsung apps were found to be among the worst offenders, with Samsung Push, Beaming Service, Samsung WHATSON and Samsung security updates all making the top ten. For apps run by users (as opposed to being run at startup), Telstra’s official app came out at #1 among Australian users.

Interestingly, there didn’t appear to be a common theme among battery-draining apps: the top ten included everything from chat applications and mobile browsers to security tools and digital magazines. (We would have assumed that video-centric apps would completely dominate but apparently not.)

Below are the top ten battery draining apps in the Australian market, divided into user-run apps and apps the launch at startup, respectively:

For tips on how to maximize your Android smartphone’s battery life, head to our comprehensive guide. AVG has also published an overview of its report which is worth checking out — in addition to battery life, it also analyses the impact of apps on storage and data.

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  • How can Telstra’s app user more battery than Ingress? Constant network connection, driving the graphics with particle effects and of course 100% GPS use as well.

    Although I suspect the people using the AVG app would skew the results a fair bit. Does it actually do anything worthwhile? A quick glance at the bullet points on the play store and it seems all these bases are already covered by Google.

  • Umm… That phone there in the picture? That’s an iPhone…

    Just saying…

  • Facebook definitely is a big drinker. I just pinned a bookmark to FB instead of the app because it drains so much battery

  • How come the Telstra app uses more battery than Snapchat? (An app that uses your gps for weather/filters, uses your mobile data to refresh and keeps your camera on)
    My iPhone 5 loses 20% in about 10-15 minutes…

  • funny how Skype isn’t in the list at all? whenever I turn it on my battery drops REALLLLYYYY quickly

  • shouldn’t the title be: “The 10 worst Android apps THAT drain your battery” ?

    As it currently reads, if you WANT to drain your battery these would actually be the “best” apps…

  • I only have most of the Startup apps and 3 of those user Run apps, Telstra which I hardly use, Play Music and Chrome which I always use and still have 30% battery at the end of most days

  • Having just brought an S5 this week after my S2 (rooted and has a heavily custom OS) finally gave up the ghost. I’d forgotten what it was like to have apps I didn’t want. Quite a number of these apps mentioned came preinstalled on my S5 that I can’t even uninstall. Was planning on waiting it out for awhile. But since I brought it outright, and I hate not being able to remove and add apps as I please, looks like I’ll be rooting this phone on the weekend.

  • The most battery draining app are those that make you keep the screen on for the longest.

  • For tips on how to maximize your Android smartphone’s battery life, head to our comprehensive guide.
    While this guide is still largely relavant, it would be nice if it was updated to include information around 4G (as it only talks about 3G since its a 2011 guide), and the fact that Android now has three GPS modes of which one is a Battery Saving mode. Talking abotu battery saving, since Android also now comes with a battery saving option when your phone juice is down to 15%, its also worth mentioning this functionality in your guide.

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