The 10 Worst Android Apps For Draining Your Smartphone’s Battery

AVG’s latest Android App Report has named and shamed the biggest battery hogs on the Android market, with the Telstra app proving to be the worst offender in Australia. If your phone is constantly running out of juice, here are the apps you need to use sparingly or completely uninstall.

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During the first three months of 2015, AVG tracked the top battery drainers among Android customers by aggregating data from more than one million AVG app users. In a blow to Galaxy S users, Samsung apps were found to be among the worst offenders, with Samsung Push, Beaming Service, Samsung WHATSON and Samsung security updates all making the top ten. For apps run by users (as opposed to being run at startup), Telstra’s official app came out at #1 among Australian users.

Interestingly, there didn’t appear to be a common theme among battery-draining apps: the top ten included everything from chat applications and mobile browsers to security tools and digital magazines. (We would have assumed that video-centric apps would completely dominate but apparently not.)

Below are the top ten battery draining apps in the Australian market, divided into user-run apps and apps the launch at startup, respectively:

For tips on how to maximize your Android smartphone’s battery life, head to our comprehensive guide. AVG has also published an overview of its report which is worth checking out — in addition to battery life, it also analyses the impact of apps on storage and data.

[Via AVG]

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