Taste Test: How McDonald’s Wholemeal McMuffin Improves On Perfection

Taste Test: How McDonald’s Wholemeal McMuffin Improves On Perfection

McDonald’s Australia has quietly introduced wholemeal muffins to its breakfast menu as a slightly healthier alternative to white bread. Despite not being a wholemeal guy, I can happily report that this fresh take on the Sausage & Egg McMuffin is substantially tastier than the traditional version. No really. Who knew fibre could be so delicious?

Wholemeal is a type of bread made from ground whole grains combined with white flour. The result is a rough-textured bread that contains more fibre, vitamins and minerals than its plain white counterpart. It’s also considered easier to digest.

On the downside, it lacks that pillowy softness that flabby westerners have become accustomed to; a penchant that led to weakness and scurvy in World War 1-era males. These days, most white breads are loaded with extra nutrients, but it’s still not a patch on whole grain varieties.

Despite its noted health benefits, I don’t normally go in for brown bread. I find it too coarse with a flavour that detracts from the fillings. Subsequently, the idea of a wholemeal Sausage & Egg McMuffin didn’t exactly get me salivating — it’s just the same old thing with the addition of granny bread, right? Well, only if your granny resembles this lot.

In my humble and blindsided opinion, the Wholemeal McMuffin is a marked improvement on the original. One of the worst things about regular McMuffins is the bread’s tendency to get a bit soggy in the paper. The wholemeal version didn’t suffer from this at all. Instead, the bread remained pleasantly firm and dry to the last bite.

Plus, the fact that it’s healthier than white bread gives you an entirely unwarranted sense of eating a healthy breakfast. You’ll still die of heart failure, but at least you’ll be pooping regularly beforehand.

If you’re partial to the odd McMuffin, we highly recommend giving the wholemeal version a whirl. It doesn’t re-invent the wheel — it just tastes better.

Verdict: 10/10


  • I would consider asking how much extra sugar and salt they put in to make it, “Improves On Perfection”.

      • +1 can’t go wrong with a good old sausage and egg.
        although, their “coffee” is a disaster, soo very sparatic with their quality, yesterday, it was soy water with a touch of brown colouring, it was that weak!

        • If you are ever in Asia, look for McCafes attached to MacDs. Usually a separate counter in the store.
          V good coffee – worth a try.

      • Never liked em for some reason, I guess it’s having grown up on a military base as a kid and being able to spot the cheap repurposed ingredients easily due to it lol.

  • None of the Maccas breakfast stuff is even close to perfection. The only reason I’d ever go for a Maccas breakfast item is because it’s fast and cheap and available. Not even in the same ballpark as a proper bacon and egg roll. It’s absolute insanity of the highest order to even suggest it.

  • “a penchant that led to weakness and scurvy in World War 1-era males” what a bizzare statement.

  • I love these evil things, they’re the perfect hangover meal, but they’re still evil.

    Without the muffin (just the guts) a sausage & egg mcmuffin represents half (in some respects, more than half) of your RDI of all the bad shit. Like 50% of saturated fat RDI, and over 70% of your sodium RDI.

    So the wholemeal muffin will help scrub you out, reducing your risk of colon cancer, while upping your risk of stroke &/or heart attack.

    They can do better on the breakfast front (bring on the high protein McBreakfast Burritos).

  • I just purchased one of these, took my first bite and my initial thoughts were it’s really sweet! I eat only wholegrain and wholemeal breads, and in comparison this one tasks like cake… don’t get me wrong the whole thing was delicious and I didn’t go via Macca’s to be healthy, but it’d be interesting to see how much sugar is in these things.

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