SMS For iChat Lets You Text From Android Phones In The Mac Messages App

Android/Mac: Apple's Messages app on a Mac is a neat way to chat with your iPhone without having to pick up your phone. However, it never worked if you have an Android device — until now. SMS Integration for iChat allows you to send and receive text messages from an Android phone via Messages.

The app runs on your phone and relays your text messages to the Messages app on a Mac. The service gives you a free five messages per day, though if you want to exceed that, it costs $US12.99 per year. While that seems steep for six messages, presumably the price tag is more targeted for people who will be texting all the time. If you're always picking up your Android phone while sitting at a Mac, and you like Apple's Messages app, this is a nice compromise.

SMS Integration for iChat [Google Play Store]


    Airdroid is a much better option for free and with heaps of extra features

    I am trying to find a plugin or app to allow texts from androids to my iphone account to appear in my ichat. Would this be solved if they download the app for their phones? I have an iphone but some family members do not, so it would be much more convenient to be able to message them via ichat as I do with my iphone pals.

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