Skype Is Now In The Browser, But Not For Australians

Skype Is Now Available in Your Browser

Skype has long been a desktop (and mobile) app, but today it's available in your browser in the form of a new public beta. Unfortunately, Australians can't yet take advantage.

Right now, the beta is only available in the US and UK. We didn't have any luck getting it to work in Australia by tweaking browser or region settings, but your mileage may differ.

It's pretty similar to the mobile app — you can make calls, have text conversations, search through conversations, and everything's synced up between your various devices. It's a simple layout without a lot to it, but it works pretty well.

Skype for Web [via Skype blog]


    You can always do it online with their plugin, through outlook

    The online skype works for me in Australia without any VPN tweaking. I do have an Office 365 account linked to my Skype account and an MSDN subscription on the same e-mail address, which may be why I have early access though.

    I also have access in Australia using

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