ShopStyle's My Tailored Shop Rounds Up New Clothes From Your Favourite Brands

Like shopping for clothes online but sometimes feel overwhelmed by the choices on offer? Our sibling site ShopStyle has just added a neat feature that collates new products and special deals across your own preferred selection of brands.

When you sign in for the 'My Tailored Shop' option, you specify your gender and nominate five fashion brands you prefer (you can edit and update that list whenever you like). Those brands, along with your past shopping history, are then used to populate your shop with a selection of items from across ShopStyle's range of 12 million products. The list is updated daily.

That's very useful if you feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of clothing choices on offer, or if you already have a preferred selection of brands that you favour. That said, if you'd prefer a more hand-crafted list, my awesome colleague Marisa Remond curates regular round-ups (check out her recent round-ups for accessorising a suit or the Net-A-Porter sale).

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