Prevent Windows 10 Apps From Using Your Webcam

It's commonplace for mobile operating systems to restrict access to hardware on a case-by-case basis and now it's become a feature of desktop platforms, including the latest from Microsoft. If you're wondering how you can stop programs from using your webcam (or microphone) in Windows 10, you just need to tweak some privacy settings.

Windows 10 doesn't officially hit until late next month, but if you're running a preview build (or plan to upgrade), here's how you can avoid any unwanted intrusions from wayward apps intent on using your webcam.

As AddictiveTips' Fatima Wahab explains, all you have to do is fire up the Settings app and select the Privacy options. From here, you can disable location services, camera access and even the microphone for individual apps.

If you just want to kibosh access entirely, blanket on/off switches are available too.

View Which Apps Have Access To Your Webcam In Windows 10 [AddictiveTips]


    This should be the first thing all new users set when they get their W10 installed.

    You mean Google Chrome? Oh wait. Thats not news worthy lol

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