Plenty Of Free And Open Source Tools To Monitor Your Server

Dedicated server monitoring tools have largely replaced the need to manually parse log files except for the most esoteric of issues. This however raises another issue — selecting one that has the right combination of features, usability and performance. Fortunately, many free options exist if you’re willing to learn their ins and outs.

Chetan R over at Six Revisions has put together a list of the better candidates — ten to be exact — ranging from the slick, well-presented Performance Co-Pilot, which has a history going all the way back to Silicon Graphics, to the more straight-forward presentation of Monit from Tildeslash.

While the Six Revision’s post doesn’t go into extensive detail about each option, it should give you a good starting point for your own investigation.

Considering some are easier to set up than others and a few have certain platform requirements, your best bet is to try a few out to figure out which one is ideal for your server configuration.

10 Free Server Monitoring Tools [Six Revisions]

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