Outlook On iOS And Android Can Be Managed By Intune

Outlook has been available as a native app for iOS and Android since January this year. Now those installs can be managed with Microsoft's Intune platform, making it easier for admins to secure those devices.

While Office 365 has basic mobile device management (MDM) capabilities, this only covers a relatively limited range of features for Outlook: selective wiping, only allowing access to authorised and managed devices, and basic password and encryption policies. Intune allows a broader range of features, including the ability to block copy and paste and support for multiple accounts within Outlook. If you're already using Intune for desktop management, it also means one less tool to master.

Hit the announcement post for more details on the rollout.

New Intune capabilities for Outlook on iOS and Android [Outlook Blog]


    Outlook for Android is a steaming pile of crap.
    The OWA preview app is much better

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