Microsoft Ignite Hits Australia In November

Last year, Microsoft split its TechEd Australia conference across Sydney and Melbourne. In 2015, MS's main IT pro event is returning to its traditional home of the Gold Coast — but it will get a new name.

Microsoft used the Ignite brand for its main conference in Chicago this past May, and the same label will be used in Australia. The event has been scheduled for November 17-20 at the Gold Coast Convention Centre, home of many a late-night drunken technical discussion in past years.

The announcement blog post says that Ignite will be an annual event (just as TechEd always was). Last year when Tech Ed was split in two, Microsoft said it would aim to hold the events more frequently. That's not really the case if Ignite is still annual, but we have seen other local events, including this week's local version of the Build Developer conference.

Does the return to the Gold Coast tempt you? Tell us in the comments.



    Microsoft has run Ignite in Australia previously, so its not the first time they've used it here.

    Last edited 05/06/15 7:49 am

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